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A man in a suit at a Manhattan firm leaves work on Friday; he looks unhappy. He stops at a fortune teller's for a Tarot reading: "You are not where you belong," she tells him. That evening he quits his marriage and walks the streets of New York, passing from a classy bar to a gentleman's club, then to a high-class bordello, a mugging, a pawnshop, and a diner where someone does listen. He shares his insights with her and later with others. Violence, disappointment, and musings entwine as Edmond loses his moorings while believing he's found them. Where does he belong?


Director: Stuart Gordon
Writers :David Mamet
Release Date: 24 November 2006
Genre: Drama / Thriller

William H. Macy
Joe Mantegna
Julia Stiles
Mena Suvari
Bokeem Woodbine
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